Actions plan

  • Organisation of a workshop on science exploitation platforms 

Goal: to develop synergies across these platforms and define ranked science use cases
Maybe hosted in Paris, organised by Paris Observatory, supported by Europlanet, TBC

           Virtual Meeting on the organization of this event on October 21, 9 am ET, virtual
Contact point: B. Thomas, NASA

  • Best practices for dataset citation including versioning

Goal: IHDEA recommendation by IHDEA 2023 annual meeting
Action on the IHDEA DOI for science working group


Best practices for DOI and SPASE
- User to cite the data
- User to reproduce their science
- Data provider describing the data

Remark: get inspiration from PDS citation guideline (IPDA), datacite and AGU guidelines.

DOI minting for dataset
To be discussed by this working group
DOI at dataset and collection (e.g., experiment) shall be minted by data centers?
Links to other references like DOI SPASE dataset description?

  • Action on L. Bargatze/T. King (TBC)/J. Faden to organise a hands-on workshop on the SPASE ADAPT tool to port CDF and netCDF dataset to SPASE
  • Action on CNES to provide all extra optional metadata parameters to the SPASE group with their definition for a possible inclusion in the SPASE metadata model
  • Registry of registries for all SPASE registries: new working group

    - Suggestion by Brian Thomas and B. Cecconi to consider the IVOA registry schema to register SPASE registries
    - Request for a new working group on DOI/Registry!
    - some guidance from Research Data Alliance - very active discussion there

First meeting on this subject: 1pm GMT, October 25, scope of the working group

  • Action on NASA to provide an API access to HDP
  • Action on Shing to form a group, invite all IHDEA participants on ML ready datasets metadata description
  • Actions on IHDEA exec
    • IHDEA to engage more ground-based data producers like DKIST
    • Possibly Invite ISRO to join IHDEA
    • Improve community awareness
      • Setup a booth at Fall AGU 2023 on IHDEA, action to find sponsorship and find speakers to support the booth
      • Series of workshops under the banner of IHDEA, including PyHC
      • Report in newsletters? 
      • Report to EOS about IHDEA activities?
  • Action on coordinate systems standardisation IHDEA working group to make progress
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