WG to improve the content of the IHDEA website and community awareness
- Who: Reine, **Shing**, Arnaud, Todd, Bob McGuire
- What is important in our community? What we do? make science more visible?
- Outcome:
- reshape the website after this meeting: WGs, community items (standards, interfaces)

IHDEA 2021 meeting announcement in SPA newsletter and Solar news in July 2021

EOS article to be submitted after the 2021 IHDEA meeting

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  1. Unknown User (fung)

    Hi All,

    Please confirm that this message arrives at your in-box properly. For receiving notifications from this WG, please be sure that you have checked "Watch this page".

    If you have a moment, please check out the latest IHDEA website (https://ihdea.net) where a new IHDEA Working Group page has been added.  Now that all the collaboration areas for all the WGs have also been created at the Confluence site, we will link the different WGs on the IHDEA site to each of the WG areas on the Confluence site.

    Please post your comments/suggestions on how the IHDE site could/should be improved so we can continue to build the IHDEA community.