WG Community Metadata Assessment
- Who: Baptiste Cecconi , Todd King , Veronique, Iugonet?, Amda?, Helen, Sunpy?, Jack Ireland , Bobby Candey , Lee, Bob McGuire (Chair, sub-chair)
- IUGONET integration in SPASE base model
- CEF (Cluster and DoubleStar data) metadata dictionary in SPASE base model or mapping
- AMDA metadata dictionary in SPASE base model or mapping
- Assessment: adoption or mapping with IVOA/UCD

List of community metadata dictionaries

SPASESpace Physics Archive Search and Extract (base model)https://spase-group.org/data/model/index.html
SPASE/SimulationSpace Physics Archive Search and Extract (simulation extension)https://spase-group.org/data/simulation/index.html
VSO Data ModelVirtual Solar Observatory data discovery Metadatahttp://docs.virtualsolar.org/wiki/DataModel18
IUGONET MetadataUpper Atmosphere Observationshttp://www.iugonet.org/data/schema/iugonet-2_2_6_1.xsd
VESPA EPNcoreSolar System data discovery metadata https://ivoa.net/documents/EPNTAP/20201027/index.htmlSPASE / EPNcore mapping
IVOA/UCDUnified Content Descriptors: generic keywordshttps://github.com/ivoa-std/UCDListSPASE-UCD mapping
SOLARNETSolar observationshttps://arxiv.org/pdf/2011.12139.pdfSOLARNET / EPNcore mapping
CEFCluster (Cluster Exchange Format) and Double Star mission metadata https://caa.esac.esa.int/documents/DS-QMW-TN-0010.pdf
AMDAAutomated Multi Dataset Analysis tool developed by CDPP

PDS/PPIPDS and Planetary Plasma Interaction node of PDS (PDS4 dictionaries)https://pds.nasa.gov/datastandards/dictionaries/index-
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