WG on Coordinate systems standardisation [e.g. GSM (IGRF-12 vs IGRF-13)]


  • unambigious classify/naming/identifier of reference frame
  • linking with actionable resource (SPICE kernel, or any definition of a frame)

Notes from the IHDEA Fall 2021 meeting.

Jim Lewis had good presentation - summary of needs / initial steps. (need link to his slides?)

Potentially interested contributors: Jim Lewis, Baptise Cecconi, Jeremy Faden, Todd Kind suggested Steve Joy

Baptise – IPDA and IVOA already have been working on coordinate frames; tool at CDPP called TREPS; SPICE also has Webgeocalc

Steve Joy – also some work on planetary magnetospheres and frames

SPICE is useful for this of course.

One possibility: Joint Working Group with IPDA and IVOA?

Should leverage existing lists: VESPA started a list of frame names; SPASE has list; CDAWeb has short list; Kamodo team also interested; SpacePy might be interested; AstroPy handles coordinates well, once they are defined (Jack Ireland)

This is a monumental task - meeting every 2 or 3 months to keep things moving.

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  1. V. Génot et al., TREPS, a tool for coordinate and time transformations in space physics, Planetary and Space Science
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