Goal is the improvement of the SPASE Information Model for describing observational and derived data, and for describing simulation models, simulations runs, and simulation output (CCMC and IMPEx). In particular, defining metadata for simulation models and generated data, as well as defining a standard for an execution interface.



  • various options in extensions, wish list.

  • MK: extension of Simulation Extension (e.g., SimulationSetting, SimulationTemplate)

  • SPASE 2.4.0's "Software" Resource and "SimulationModel" should have consistent structures
    • import "Platfrom" and "Prerequistes" from Software to SimulationModel

    • make InputProperty and OuputProperty more compatible with Property and Parameter types
      • add the usefull PropertyValue or FIllValue for default value
      • add  PropertyLabel for the actuel parameter identifier (can be different from a human readable property Name)
      • Qualifier tag proved to be efficient to specify the input type (scalar, vector, tensor,...)
      • PropertyQuantity should probably be reworked but showed interesting possibility for a semi-automatic piping of models in a workflow (as a first filter, human intervention still needed)


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  1. Ronan Modolo and Sebastien Hess :  Do you have access to the tentative agenda proposed on the IHDEA meeting scheduled on the week of Sept 27, 2021?  I wonder if you or your team would like to give updates on IMPEx or your experience of using metadata on your model, model runs, and output?  At NASA/CCMC, we have been trying to add metadata on our hosted model and runs.  It would be nice to share our experience with each other?  Let me know if you would like to do an online meeting some time or exchange thoughts/notes here via this Confluence page.

    Anyone else on this working team is welcome to join as well.

    1. It is rather Sebastien Hess (not Besse) (smile) 

      I notified him.

    2. Hello

      I did not see the agenda of IHDEA meeting, but that would be nice to have presentations on the model metadata. I'll be happy to discuss with you, Sebastien and others about model metada applications.

      Perhaps we can try to load some documents/notes on some updates before having an online meeting. Will it be ok ?

      1. Sounds good to me.  Shing Fung and other in the planning committee are drafting up the agenda for our meeting.  The tentative agenda is here: https://issues.cosmos.esa.int/socciwiki/display/IHDEA/IHDEA+-+2021.  Baptiste Cecconi, is it possible to get view access to that page even if we can edit it?  Would be nice to give folks in various working team 'view' access.  If not, I will upload the version that I got from Shing on this page then.

      2. Sounds good. I will see if I can find some docs that I can share concerning the works we did on Simulation model description with SPASE

  2. Chiu Wiegand I should be available on this week and I could surely present the use we make of the SPASE-Simulation extension at ONERA.

  3. Glad to see this WG getting off on a good start! Please think about whether you'd prefer to work together and report your work as a group during the WG progress report portion of the IHDEA meeting, or you'd rather have separate presentations? 


  4. I just uploaded two documents.

    One document concerns a data model extension with respect to the Spase data model. It allows describing neutral environment quantities used in  exospheric model and their related simulated data products. To do so we shall extend the “particle” description for these species as defined by the SPASE-Simulation model. Up to now successive simulation runs which represent the evolutions of a system are treated independently with constant input parameters. This is a current limitation of the data model which, for instance, prevents from seamlessly interpolating spacecraft trajectory in a set of successive runs. The data model therefore needs evolution to take into account the description of time dependent quantities, both for outputs and inputs.

    The other document focuses on simulation coupling. The results of the exospheric model serve as inputs for the magnetospheric model. Therefore, there is a general need to properly define how two simulations are linked (eventually several magnetospheric simulations can take the same exospheric simulation as input). This will be achieved by a univocal tracking of each run result.

  5. Ronan ModoloSebastien Hess:  Here is the IDHEA meeting website, https://cosmos.esa.int/web/ihdea.  It has info on the drafted agenda.  

  6. Ronan ModoloSebastien Hess:

    Do you plan to attend the meeting?  If so, you can register via 


    On Tuesday, we have 15 minutes to talk about simulation extension of SPASE.  Ronan, if you are able to attend the meeting, do you want to present the changes that you have suggested (i.e describing the neutral environment quantities and how to handle simulation coupling etc.)?  If so, I will let Shing know and we can change the presenter to you.