Description of the objective:

Quantify the anisotropy of the turbulence in both slow and fast streams; determine its effects on particles at a range of energies and relate it to the solar origin of the fluctuations (Horbury et al., 2005; Dasso et al., 2005).

  • Determine if different levels of anisotropy result from differences in the source region or from slower/faster evolution in fast/slow streams (age of turbulence). 
  •  Quantify the effect of expansion (radial evolution) on the 3D anisotropy of turbulence as observed at 1AU (Narita et al., 2010) and predicted by MHD simulations (Dong et al., 2014). 
  •  Compare turbulence anisotropy to measured diffusion coefficients of energetic particles during solar events (Horbury and Balogh, 2001; Bieber et al., 1996). 

Relevant SOOPs: