• Measurements of SEP events time profiles and anisotropy in order to probe solar wind turbulence.
    • Differences between transport of electrons and ions.
      • High-rigidity particles suited to probe the geometry of the fluctuations.
      • Low-rigidity particles sensitive to the dissipation range and dynamical and thermal effects.
    • Examine if a similar rigidity dependence also holds at small distances (Dröge, 2003). 

This objective is currently addressed by the SOOP L_IS_SoloHI_STIX. However, it can also be partly addressed by I_DEFAULT or L_IS_STIX.



  1. Input from David, Andrew, Anik:

    SEP-source hunting with high-res RS payload seems very ambitious. We may catch an event by chance though.

    Strictly speaking the only instruments you necessary need for this objective are STIX + IS payload.

    (if SoloHI contributes, it may need turbulence mode rather than shock formation mode.)

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