5.7.1 Interplanetary Dust

  • What are the sources and properties of dust in the inner heliosphere?
  • Do Sun-Grazing comets contribute to the dust and what is the time dependence?
  • Does the scattering function change with heliocentric distance?
  • Can the evaporation of dust be detected?

5.7.2 Streamers 

  • What is the 3-D structure and extent of streamers?
  • Can a filamentary nature be detected?
  • What is their radial distribution?
  • What is the difference between pseudo- and normal streamers?

5.7.3 CMEs

  • What is the 3-D structure and extent of CMEs?
  • Are flux ropes imbedded in the plasma sheet?
  • What are the radial and longitudinal distributions of "blobs", magnetic islands/plasmoids?