Detailed mode descriptions need updating for close/far mode.


Note that all data volumes & rates are based on powers of 10, i.e. 1Gbit = 109 bits.

TM Figures

Allocated TM3.6 kbits/s 
Download capacity per orbit (168 Days)6.532 GB= 52.254Gbits
SSMM allocation  

Operational Modes

Source: EPD Burst Mode Document (scheduled bursts), EPD Detailed Budgets Report 4.1

Data Rate (bps)
Duty Cycle (%)
Duty Cycle (hrs / orbit)
Orbital Volume (Gbits)
EPD Normal Mode3474.7100%403250.440
Scheduled Burst Mode51070.694%280.515
Triggered Burst Mode89.5100%40321.299

Note That HK and LL data are included in Normal Mode. Triggered mode is an average rate based on the available volume after normal mode and scheduled burst modes are taken into account, since no native rates are available.. the scheduled burst volume includes a 5% packetisation overhead that was not in the EPD documentation.

In any case EPD have the flexibility to alter cadences and data rates to steer their TM corridor, so these are representative rates rather than set in stone. These figures also do not include the proposed weighting of data towards perihelion.

Objectives For EPD

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