LTP06 has been confirmed to run from 2021-12-27T00:00:00.000Z until 2022-04-11T00:00:00Z

Orbital context (with RSW placement decided at SWT #29)

Plots are in GSE (geocentric solar ecliptic) coordinates, so Earth is at [0,0], the Sun is at [1,0]. The plot is the projection of the orbit on the ecliptic plane. 

New definition for the grey shading representing downlink rates:

  • white = maximum downlink rate at which you can empty the SSMM in ~10 days
  • light-grey = SSMM fill state decreases with everyone operating at EID-A rates
  • mid-grey = SSMM fill state increases within RSW (10 instruments operating) and decreases outside RSW (IS-only breakeven rate < downlink rate < inside-RSW breakeven rate )
  • dark-grey = SSMM fill state increases with just IS operating (downlink rate < IS-only breakeven rate)

RS window placement


EXT Start



Range [AU]

Range [deg]

Angle Range


Safe Mode Comms Blackout

Largest Comms Roll

GAM Restrictions


inferior conjunction
(no constraints)
/default roll (along orbital plane)/

//default roll (along orbital plane)/
RSW3N/A (concatenated to RSW2)2022-03-27T00:00:00Z2022-04-06T00:00:00Z0.3230.391

//default roll (along orbital plane)/

GAMs, conjunctions and other major platform events

  • SSMM maintenance window  10/01/2022 11:44 -> 12/01/2022 2:20 (ENG_WIN). Instruments will need to be OFF, there will be no receiving of TCs nor storing TM in the SSMM in that period. 

Science and calibration planning

Overall objectives:

  • Cross-calibration with Earth-based assets (crossing of S-E line occurs on 7 March 2022, 09:00 UTC)
  • High-res observations during first close perihelion

Coordinated science (and cross-calibration) campaigns: 


  • 2022-03-02 to 03: Offpointing Mosaic to find connection point, i.e. 3 pointings along N-S line, chosen during pVSTP (L_SMALL_MRES_MCAD_Connection-Mosaic)
    SOOP Coordinators: A. Giunta, N. Prado, D. Hassler
  • 2022-03-03 to 06: Coordinated campaign to point to the source region of the slow solar wind, that will be measured by IS payload at time of arrival at SC (L_SMALL_HRES_HCAD_Slow-Wind-Connection). Pointing chosen at pVSTP.
    SOOP coordinator: S. Yardley
  • 2022-03-06: Pointing to polar coronal hole close to Sun-Earth line crossing (R_SMALL_HRES_MCAD_Polar-Observations)
    SOOP coordinator: A. Zhukov 
  • 2022-03-07: Pointing to Active Region, chosen at pVSTP, for high-cadence nanoflare observations close to Sun-Earth line crossing (R_BOTH_HRES_HCAD_Nanoflares)
    SOOP coordinators: S. Parenti, D. Berghmans
  • 2022-03-07: (Predefined) Full Disk Mosaic for connection science close to Sun-Earth line crossing 
    SOOP coordinators: D. Berghmans, F. Auchère
  • 2022-03-07: Coordinated AR observations, also coordinated with Hinode EIS, and IRIS
  • 2022-03-07: Coordinated coronal observations, also coordinated with Herschel sounding rocket launch (L_FULL_HRES_MCAD_Coronal-He-Abundance). At sun centre.
    SOOP coordinators: V. Andretta, F. Auchère  
  • 2022-03-08: Pointing to Quiet Sun, at disk centre, for high-cadence nanoflare observations close to Sun-Earth line crossing (R_BOTH_HRES_HCAD_Nanoflares)
    SOOP coordinators: S. Parenti, D. Berghmans
  • 2022-03-08: Bright points study, close to Sun-Earth line crossing (R_BOTH_HRES_MCAD_Bright-Points)
    SOOP Coordinators: A. Fludra, D. Berghmans, S. Solanki 


Outside RSWs

  • Limb pointing campaigns during PSP quadratures:
    • 2022-02-22T18:00:00 (POINT_LIMB EAST) 
    • 2022-02-26T05:40:00 (POINT_LIMB WEST)
      SOOP Coordinator: A. Zhukov

Instrument-specific science:

IS calibrations:


RS calibrations:

  • Flatfield calibration for PHI/FDT and EUI/FSI (CALIB_OFFPOI_FLATFIELD) on
    • 2022-03-03T04:00:00 (during RSW1, will be commanded through PTR)
    • 2022-03-16T04:00:00 (before RSW2)
    • 2022-04-06T10:00:00 (after RSW3)
  • Straylight calibration using series of SC offpoints, for Metis and SoloHI (CALIB_OFFPOI_STRAYLIGHT) on 2022-03-14T16:50:00
  • Metis polarisation characterisation using SC rolls (CALIB_ROLL_RS) on 2022-03-13T17:00:00
  • PHI-specific (re-)calibration of both FDT and HRT at end RSW1

More details on the science and calibration campaigns can be found in the notes taken during the mission level planning of this period: Discussion at SWT-29: Science goals for RSWs

SOOP Kitchen plan

High-level (=MLP) plan:

Starting point for LTP06 planning in SOWG#19:

Final plan LTP06:, distributed through GFTS on 29 Nov 2021

Version 2 of LTP06 distributed on 21 Jan 2022. This version contains expanded pointing and slew events for the Flatfield campaign on 3 March and the full disk mosaic on 7 March.

Reference material

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  1. The time needed for the SSMM SW update and resizing will be marked in the FECS with a ENG_WIN window, e.g. 

    <ENG_WIN time=2022-010T11:44:00Z

    The activity is expected to be performed in one of the following passes (first is prime, 2nd backup):

    1. According to recent MOC weekly planning meeting emails, the expected event is

      <ENG_WIN time=2022-010T10:44:00Z