Note that all data volumes & rates are based on powers of 10, i.e. 1Gbit = 109 bits.

TM Figures

Allocated TM1.3 kbits/s 
Download capacity per orbit (168 Days)2.359 GB= 18.870Gbits
SSMM allocation  

Power Consumption

Source: MAG EM User Manual Issue 1, rev 0

UnitNominal (worst case 5 minute average) Power (Watts)
Electronics box and fluxgate electronics6.86
Primary (outboard) sensor0.36
Secondary (inboard) sensor0.36
Sensor Heaters5 Note: Heaters will be on when instrument is switched off (survival heaters)

Operational Modes

Source: MAG User Manual Issue 2, Rev 0

ModeData Rate (bps)Duty Cycle (%)Duty Cycle (hrs / orbit)Orbital Volume (Gbits)
MAG Normal Mode1000100%403214.515
MAG Burst Mode68924.35%175.5264.355

Engineering Modes

ModeData Rate (bps)

Currently Implemented in MAG MAPPS/EPS EDF (For MTP/STP)

Objectives for MAG

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