source: Metis User Manual Iss3 (May 2016) - table


Specific instrument observing modes have been defined in order to address the scientific objectives of the METIS investigation. In general, METIS observations consist of global maps of the coronal emission in UV H I Ly-α and VL (580-640 nm range), obtained with different spatial resolution and detector exposure time, depending on the science goal and the instantaneous field of view (FoV).

More in detail, the observing modes defined for METIS are:

WIND – Measurement of the electron density and the solar wind outward expansion velocity
Fast and slow solar wind streams are identified in the global maps according to the values of the outflow velocity of the H component.

MAGTOP – Wind outflow velocity measurements and relationship with the magnetic topology
Maps of the outflow velocity of the H component along streamer/coronal hole interfaces, above streamers cusps and inside streamers. Relationship with the coronal magnetic configuration.

GLOBAL – Global corona configuration/evolution measurements before, during and after CME events These measurements provide the geometry of the neutral H and e- corona and its evolution in time, giving information on the timing, mass content and overall dynamics of coronal mass ejections. They are also crucial to measure the directionality of the plasma erupted from the Sun, in order to infer its geo- effectiveness and predict the impact on the near-Earth environment. The evolution related to the CME transit can be followed out to the orbit of the Solar Probe Plus spacecraft (~9 R! at 0.8 AU).

LT-CONFIG – Long-term evolution of the coronal configuration
These measurements are used to monitor the evolution of the large-scale corona and, during out-of-ecliptic observing windows, to determine the longitudinal distribution and evolution of the electron density in the solar corona, as well as of the mass and energy flux carried away by the solar wind. 


Corresponding EPS observations:

METIS_WIND with parameters:

CADENCE = 900 [s] \ 

VL_COMPR = 20.9 \
UV_COMPR = 7 \
=> MET_DATARATE = 14817 [bits/sec]


METIS_MAGTOP with parameters:

CADENCE = 600 [s] \
VL_COMPR = 12.7 \
UV_COMPR = 3.2 \
=> MET_DATARATE = 38470 [bits/sec]


METIS_GLOBAL with parameters:

CADENCE = 900 [s] \
VL_COMPR = 20.9 \
UV_COMPR = 23.6 \

=> MET_DATARATE = 13178 [bits/sec]

METIS_LTCONFIG with parameters:

CADENCE = 1200 [s] \
VL_COMPR = 50.7 \
UV_COMPR = 50.7 \
=> MET_DATARATE = 4102 [bits/sec]





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