Note that all data volumes & rates are based on powers of 10, i.e. 1Gbit = 109 bits.

TM Figures

Allocated TM5.5 kbits/s 
Download capacity per orbit (168 Days)9.9792 GB= 79.83Gbits
SSMM allocation  

Operational Modes

Source: RPW TM Budget (CDR issue), PLasson Presentation from RPW Ops workshop

Data Rate (bps)
Duty Cycle (%)
Duty Cycle (hrs / orbit)
Orbital Volume (Gbits)
RPW Normal Mode489999.306400470.62
RPW Burst Mode260640.694282.63
RPW SBM1256410

Selective: Equivalent of 3 13 minute SBM1

events downlinked every 2 weeks


RPW SBM2138889

Note normal mode includes HK & LL

Note: this is currently 0.62Gbits above allocation, equivalent to a real orbit-average rate for RPW of 5.542 kbps, an excess of 0.7%

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