A SOOP – Solar Orbiter Observing Plan – is the analogue of a SoHO JOP and Hinode HOP.
Project Scientists and SOC have worked together to produce a menu of SOOPs that, as near as possible, addresses all the Solar Orbiter sub-objectives.

  • A SOOP is a set of common operations from multiple instruments: 
    • i.e. a collection of instrument modes and parameters.
    • It can be reused during different orbital opportunities.
  • It can therefore address several mission sub-objectives at once
    • One SOOP ↔ many sub-objectives
    • Different objectives may need different targets/orbital opportunities
  • Not every instrument is necessarily needed in a SOOP.
    • SOOPs can run in parallel
    • Instruments can make individual observations when not needed for the coordinated campaigns
We use a mnemonic system to name the SOOPs:


  • In Situ (only) / Remote Sensing (only) / Linkage between the two
  • SOOP focussed on FULL / SMALL FoV, or BOTH
  • Low/Medium/High spatial resolution
  • Low/Medium/High temporal cadence
  • Lastly, a description to cover the main intent of the observations, as loosely as possible so not to exclude any of the intended sub-objectives
    The name may not reflect exactly what comes to your mind when you see it for the first time, but it is indicative of the observations.

Through the pages listed below, you can access the SOOPs that have been defined so far.

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