Observation configuration and data rate calculation

Observing mode TargetLine List#Line Profiles#Px/Profile#IntensSlit (")Exp.time# Mirror PosStep sizeTilt timeFOV (")Data cube (px)DurationRepeatsCalc. Data Vol

Total Compressed
Data Vol

Total DurationData rate Comments
= study   (max=32)  2/4/6/30(s)=#exposures(arcsecs)(secs)XYXYZ(min) (MB)(MB)(min)(kbits/s)  
Spectral Atlas        (Atomic Physics) Sun centre, limb,AR,CHFull spectrum326404601045.14084010800204811.1265.546.66621.540.34 Exceptional campaign, but also used for calibration
           5s readout +0.1s stepscan dir


scan diralong


Spectral-line performance 

Line-SNR and spatial resolution combinations:

line-SNR>10 at 4"x2" in C-III, O-VI, Ne-VII, and Mg-IX-AR

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