TM figures

Allocated TM0.7 kbits/s 
Download capacity per orbit

226.8 MB

OR 1270 MB

= 1.8144 Gbits (if only acquiring during 30 days)

= 10.16 Gbits (if extrapolated to 168 days orbit)




Observational modes


For STIX there is only 1 data acquisition mode. Acquired science data are selected on-board autonomously (~500bps) or selected on-ground and retrieved via TC (~100bps).

Data Rate (bps)
Orbital Volume (Gbits)

STIX Normal Mode - automatic onboard selection of data

~5007.3 (if acquiring full orbit)
STIX Normal Mode - TC-requested data~1001.45 (if acquiring full orbit)
STIX LL~500.7 (if acquiring full orbit)
STIX HK~500.7 (if acquiring full orbit)

Engineering modes & power consumption

Source: STIX EID-B Iss 5.0, Table 4.2 for power consumption incl. CDR margin and DC/DC conversion inefficiency.

Power allocation for STIX is 8W.


Datarate: HK+LL+SCI


Power consumption
(Nominal power +20% margin)




0 (0)
BOOT 0+0+04 (0)
SAFE 50+0+02.41 (2.89)
MAINTENANCE 50 + 0 to 50 + 0 to 6003.2 (3.84)
CONFIGURATION50+50+0<6 (?)
NOMINAL(*), acquiring background data

50+50+SCI controlled up to 500bps

5.17 (6.20)
NOMINAL(*), during a flare50+50+SCI controlled up to 500bps6.83 (8.20)
NOMINAL(*), at strong flare peak: attenuator used50+50+SCI controlled up to 500bps13.08 (15.70)

(*) Nominal mode is used for all science and calibration observations.

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