The rest of LTP2 planning will follow the following schedule.

Note that the LTP2 planning files (TM corridors, EFECS, JSON) that will be used for these STPs are the ones of version M02_V03, distributed by SOC on 13 August 2020.

From STP124 onwards, the updated M02_V04 output will be used, distributed on 5 Nov 2020.

STP cycleIOR delivery opensIOR deadlinePOR deadline (on SOC)Start of STP cycle onboardCommentsSOC responsible
112n/an/an/aMon 7 Sep (DOY 251)No payload IORs needed. During STP-112, an update of CSW takes place. All payload OFF.n/a
113Wed 26 AugWed 2 Sep 12UTTue 8 SepMon 14 Sep (DOY 258)IORs expected from IS (incl switch-ON) + SPICE CMS + switch-ON for all RS payload expect STIX, EUI (handled through MOC)
Metis and SoloHI may choose to stay OFF in which case they do not send an IOR.
114Wed 2 SepWed 9 Sep 12UTTue 15 SepMon 21 Sep (DOY 265)IORs expected from IS + SPICE CMS 
115Wed 9 SepWed 16 Sep 12UTTue 22 SepMon 28 Sep (DOY 272)IORs expected from IS + SPICE CMS 
116Wed 16 SepWed 23 Sep 12UTTue 29 SepMon 5 Oct (DOY 279)IORs expected from IS + SPICE CMS 
(new MIB for SWA)
117Wed 23 SepWed 30 Sep 12UTTue 6 OctMon 12 Oct (DOY 286)IORs expected from IS
118Wed 30 SepWed 7 Oct 12UTTue 13 OctMon 19 Oct (DOY 293)IORs expected from IS + SPICE CMS + EUI calibrations + PHI calibrations
(new MIB for PHI, EUI, STIX, SWA)
119Wed 7 OctWed 14 Oct 12UTTue 20 OctMon 26 Oct (DOY 300)IORs expected from IS + SPICE CMS (extensive campaign)
120Wed 14 OctWed 21 Oct 12UTTue 27 OctMon 2 Nov (DOY 307)IORs expected from IS + SPICE CMS (extensive campaign)
121Wed 21 OctWed 28 Oct 12UTTue 3 NovMon 9 Nov (DOY 314)IORs expected from IS + SPICE CMS (extensive campaign)
122Wed 28 OctWed 4 Nov 12UTTue 10 NovMon 16 Nov (DOY 321)IORs expected from IS + all RS payload taking advantage of extra calibration opportunity
123Wed 4 NovWed 11 Nov 12UTTue 17 NovMon 23 Nov (DOY 328)IORs expected from IS + SPICE CMS Jayne Lefort
124Wed 11 NovWed 18 Nov 12UTTue 24 NovMon 30 Nov (DOY 335)

IORs expected from IS + PHI and STIX for extra data download

Note EFECS version M02_V04 applies from this STP onwards.

125Wed 18 NovWed 25 Nov 12UTCTue 1 DecMon  7 Dec (DOY 342)

IORs expected from IS+ Spice CMS + EUI for extra data download

Note  NAV window + short STP of 6 days

126Wed 25 NovWed 2 Dec 12UTCMon 7 DecSun 13 Dec (DOY 348)IORs expected from IS+ Spice CMS

Note NAV window

127Wed 2 DecWed 9 Dec 12UTCMon 14 DecSun 20 Dec (DOY 355)

IORs expected from IS+Spice CMS

(IS switch into super burst)

Note NAV window + STP covers 12 days!

All dates above in 2020.

MIB version to be used: 

Overview of all MIB versions and applicability: MIB and FOP

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