The start of LTP3 planning overlaps with the navigation window and Christmas and New Year's period and will follow a slightly unusual schedule.

STP cycleIOR delivery opensIOR deadlinePre-checks at MOCEnd of MOC planning (stack built)Start of STP cycle onboardCommentsSOC responsible
127 (LTP2)Wed 2 DecWed 9 Dec 2020 12UTC15 Dec 18 DecSun 20 Dec 2020 (DOY 355)

IORs expected from IS+Spice CMS  (IS switch into super burst)

Note NAV window + STP covers 12 days!

128Wed 2 Dec 2020Wed 9 Dec 2020 12UTCDone OK31 DecFri 1 Jan 2021 (DOY 1)IORs expected from IS + Spice CMS

Note NAV window + STP covers only 3 days!

129Wed 2 Dec 2020Wed 9 Dec 2020 12UTCDone OK2 JanMon 4 Jan 2021 (DOY 4)

IORs expected from IS + Spice CMS + PHI for HRT focus campaign incl. off-pointing

Note S/C will off-point for PHI and roll for MAG.

130Wed 2 Dec 2020Wed 9 Dec 2020 12UTCDone OK7 JanMon 11 Jan 2021 (DOY 11)

IORs expected from IS + Spice CMS + EUI and Metis for synoptics around PSP perihelion + STIX for download

At the end of STP-130, all instruments prepare for CSW update (MAINT ANY window) by switching OFF.

Mon 18 Jan 2021 (DOY 18)

CSW update onboard - No science operations

MIB version to be used: 

Overview of all MIB versions and applicability: MIB and FOP

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