The latest public SPICE Kernels for Solar Orbiter are available via the ESA SPICE Service here:

Solar Orbiter data are also available in the ESA WebGeocalc instance here:

The contents of the SPICE kernels are described in SOL-SGS-TN-0017: SOC-Provided Ancillary Data For Solar Orbiter

Note that instrument teams will receive kernels via GFTS and should use those in the first instance. The content is the same but there may be a short delay before the latest kernels are made available via the SPICE Service.

The Solar Orbiter trajectory is also available as a CDF here

Latest OBT->UTC SOC reference implementation:

Translate from OBT to UTC and back

Useful Links:

SPICE homepage at NAIF/JPL:

MADAWG Confluence:

Solar Orbiter Home Page:

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