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EUIFSI Synoptic mode (S), 20-min cadence Occultor likely to be used in conjunction with this mode


MAGTOP, 20-min cadence, duration ≥ 2 hours

WIND, 20-min cadence, duration ≥ 2 hours

Global maps of:

  • neutral hydrogen Lyα intensity
  • electron density
  • outflow velocity in corona
PHIPHI_synoptic_FDT_4: FDT, 6-hour cadenceData suitable for coronal magnetic field extrapolation
Measure solar wind speed above potential source region in co-ordination with Metis
SPICESPICE Composition MappingAs during the March 2022 run, SPICE Composition Mapping (full-Sun mosaics) should be taken a few days before the actual run of the SOOP: this way, regions later at the limb during Metis/EUI observations could be mapped by SPICE.   Also, this approach avoids the issue with Metis being disturbed or not being able to observe during the offpointings required for the SPICE full-Sun mosaics.

EPDNormal Mode
MAGNormal Mode
RPWDetection ModeBurst Triggers Active
SWANormal Mode

Science objectives

SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments

1.1.2 Source regions of the slow solar wind



3 Abundance of


minor ions as a function of height

and latitude

in the corona as

a tracer of the source regions of the slow solar

indicator of slow or fast wind

Inner corona within EUI/FSI and Metis FOVsfew hours per day
  • Inside 0.45–0.5 AU (optimised distance for EUI/FSI's occulter)
  • or perihelion, for quasi-corotation measurements.
Disc-centre pointing

Earth view beneficial before RSW to estimate the global solar magnetic field. 

Is this because another view than PHI/FDT is needed, e.g., to get front- and back-side measurements?

Metis/EUI observation for this SOOP target the off-limb corona, where extrapolations based on PHI/FDT measurements would not be not very reliable. Ideally, quadrature with Earth-view magnetometers would be better, as the global magnetic field could be estimated during the SOOP run.

Instances run / planned