This mode uses HRI telescopes targeting a full coronal hole, a CH boundary or polar plumes.
The mode can be commanded on HRI_EUV and HRI_Lya telescopes independently.


cadence, compression TBC

Resource usage

Observing mode TargetInstrument ChannelCadenceRebinningCompressionCalculated TM#Images/hData RateData RateMax time
    (nm)(s)or subfieldrate(bits/image) (Gibits/h)(bits/s)per orbit
EUV Coronal hole (C) Full CH + boundaryHRI_EUV17,43016.2510066329.61201,5447392.430 h
LYA Coronal hole (C) + plumesHRI_LyalphaLy alpha30118.753355443.2120   

Maximum time in this mode

restricted to 30 hours per orbit  = 90% of allocation (if both telescopes are used), if all resulting TM gets downlinked!


SOOP kitchen observations:



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