At SWT#24 (2-4 April 2019), real operations start! Being ~10 months away from launch, the mission level planning of the Cruise Phase with special attention to LTP01 (from end of commissioning until 01 July 2020) should take place.

LTP01 is special because the first 4 months fall within Near Earth Commissioning Phase during which no science operations will be planned. Therefore LTP01 in practice only starts at the start of Cruise Phase and thus covers ~mid May (depending on launch date) to end June 2020.

Preparatory work done by SOC prior to SWT#24

Required planning during SWT#24

  • Recap of the main campaigns in Cruise Phase plan in SOOP Kitchen (check whether any important campaigns are missing)
  • Review simulation results to discuss any optimisation, in particular for IS data rates
  • Review LTP01, i.e. May-June 2020, and placement of RSCW1 and extra RS passes that will be requested

  • All presentations of SWT#24 are available from (follow the links ‘Science Team’→’SWT Documents’, file

Decisions made at meeting

  • Minutes of the meeting: SolarOrbiter_SWT-24_Minutes.pdf
  • Planned Cruise Phase RS campaigns were reviewed by the RSWG and confirmed to be complete. However, there are still some inconsistencies in the coordinated campaigns (as reported in Summary of changes made to original Cruise Phase plan for RS payload), in particular in RSCW4. The RSWG took the action to review and update these campaigns before SOWG#14 (July 2019).
  • The SWT reviewed the IS data rates optimisation and proposed to cut the first low mode period (Aug-Dec 2020) in two and add a period of normal rate (~4 weeks) in the middle around the time of the PSP perihelion (27 Sep 2020). A first proposal for MAG observations has been worked out in a test plan in SOOP KitchenThe ISWG took the action to work out the details for each instrument before SWT#25.
    SWT agreed with the rest of the optimised plan as presented by the SOC.
  • The RSWG proposed to test out the SPROUT SOOP, i.e. out-of-window synoptic RS programme on the last day of RSCW4 - details still to be worked out.

SOOP Kitchen plan - status after SWT#24

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