Focus: Data Providers / Instrument Teams in the JUICE mission


Aid data producers to design and produce PDS4 products for operational and future ESA missions. 

  • Create awareness of the Planetary Science Archive (PSA) and the archiving world (PSA-PDS-IPDA)
  • Overview of Planetary Data System (PDS) and PDS4
  • Be able to find all information you need
  • Understand how PDS4 is implemented in the PSA 
  • Be able to produce and validate a PDS4 product
  • Forum to solve your questions !


Presentations & Material



DAY-1:   19 May 2021, 14:00 - 18:00 CEST
14:0010 min

Welcome & Introduction

Santa Martinez

14:1020 minPSA, PDS and IPDA

Sebastien Besse

14:3030 minPDS4 Introduction

Tanya Lim

Merge the PDS pyramid + PDS4 intro from Paris into one presentation.
15:0015 minPDS4 Information Model

Tanya Lim

Demo through the PDS Website: PDS4 Information Model

15:1525 minPDS4 Labels

Daniela Coia

15:4020 min


followed by PSA demo: 10 min (optional)


PSA demo: part I – Tanya Lim

16:0015 minDemo on PDS4 design tools

Mark Bentley

16:1520 minDiscipline Dictionaries

Mark Bentley

  • What these are, Overview of each one, Things to look out for in each dictionary. How to display/read them.
  • Mention PSA GEOGEN in connection with geometry dictionary.

Reference slides from previous workshop: pds4_discipline_dictionaries.pdf

16:3520 min


followed by PSA demo: 10 min (optional)


PSA demo: part II – Sebastien Besse

16:5520 minMission, Host and Instrument Dictionaries

Tanya Lim

What these are, How they are made (official and unofficial routes), Examples

17:1530 minQuestions & AnswersAll
17:4515 minWrap-Up Day-1All
DAY-2:   20 May 2021, 14:00 - 18:00 CEST
14:0010 minGet ready!All
14:1030 min

Demo on PDS4 design-validation tools

Santa Martinez, Mark Bentley

  • Dictionary stacks
  • Demo of a "full fat" label / product
  • PDS4 validation in JUICE, with demo on the PDS4 packager; instructions to download + examples will be sent in advance.
14:4020 minGeneration and Handling of SPICE archives in PDS4

Alfredo Escalante

  • Generation of SPICE PDS4 bundles
    • what kernels go into the bundle (subset of the SKD)
    • ARCGEN (archive generation pipeline)
15:1015 min

The Use of PDS4 in JUICE

Santa Martinez

15:2515 min

Context & Documentation Products in PDS4 – from the PDS perspective

Lyle Huber (PDS Atmospheres Node)
  • Building context products for instrument, host, and mission.
  • LID formation implications/rules
  • Documentation requirements, formats, etc.
  • Inventories
15:4010 min


15:5030 minTools for working with PDS4, with demos
Mark Bentley

Demos on:

  • Python library
  • PDS4 Reader
  • Other ways to get the data from the PSA
16:2045 minExperience from BepiColombo PI teams
  • M. D'Amore (MERTIS)
  • E. Esko (SIXS)
  • B. Trantham (SERENA-STROFIO)
  • Pipeline SW, PDS4 data generation/validation/visualisation/usage, tips for pipeline sofware development and PDS4 handling.
17:0515 min


followed by PSA presentation: 10 min (optional)

17:2030 minPDS Registry and API, PDS4 GitHub projects and Discipline LDDs
Jordan Padams (PDS Engineering Node)
  • Evolution of the PDS Search Registry > Search API > building services on top
  • Introduction to PDS4 related GitHub projects
  • Discipline LDDs
17:5010 min

Discussion & Wrap-Up

DAY-3:   21 May 2021, 14:00 - 18:00 CEST (Splinter Meetings / Dedicated Sessions)
14:001 hArchiving CDF in PDS4 - Splinter

Santa Martinez

Baptiste Cecconi, Mark Bentley

  • Introduction
  • Tools to work with PDS4 CDF data.
  • Demo on how to generate a PDS4 label for a CDF data file
  • No labels